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Ascension delivers a range of both classic and dynamic high definition aesthetics durable enough for heavy commercial applications,
but beautiful enough to enhance any home.

Embossed in register, extra-large planks create a dramatic statement, while more subtle embossing enhances the movement in several planks allowing you to choose the embossing level perfect for each project.

Outland Collection

Outland offers a transitional appeal that bridges the gap between multiple design styles.
Embossed in register, MicroBeveled edge, long length planks deliver the intrinsic grace of hardwood while subtle movements in the high definition print films will enhance the overall feel of any space.

Vinyl Plank, 9" x 60", 3mm plank, 22 mil wear layer
37.5 SF/carton, 10 pcs/carton, 42 cartons/pallet

Vinyl Plank, 7.25" x 48", 3mm plank, 22 mil wear layer
38.64 SF/carton, 16 pcs/carton, 44 cartons/pallet

Passage Collection

Passage provides a variety of captivating high definition visuals that convey the true intricacy of natural wood grain.
This collection incorporates easy hand scraped textures and 4-sided MicroBeveled edges to further solidify the striking appearance of these incredible planks.

Vinyl Plank, 7.25" x 48", 3mm plank, 22 mil wear layer
38.64 SF/carton, 16 pcs/carton, 44 cartons/pallet

Traverse Collection

Traverse goes beyond standard wood grain options.
From stunning cross cut travertine to contemporary concrete to plank options built in a range of complex neutral tones and colors that will add visual interest to any installation, Traverse goes the design distance.

Rigid Core Collection

Rigid Core’s state of the art, interlocking system offers fast track, easy installation perfect for a multitude of applications. Whether residential, light commercial, or multifamily, Rigid Core combines the timeless look of hardwood with the durability of a finely engineered vinyl plank.
Rigid Core is perfect for addressing situations where rapid return service is a priority, slab contamination is a concern, or simply where you require the trusted performance of a commercially crafted, beautiful flooring option.